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Kolbe is a high-end window and door company out of Wausau, Wisconsin.  Kolbe’s commitment to producing quality windows and doors began more than 65 years ago.   Their dedication to expert craftsmanship, handmade touches and attention to detail are why Kolbe products are found in some of North America’s most impressive homes and most unique buildings.   Every Kolbe window and door is truly built to order. Their craftsmen focus on building one window or door at a time, so they can create custom-built products for even the most challenging designs.   If you can dream it, Kolbe can build it.

Take a look behind the scenes to see how Kolbe crafts made-to-order windows and doors.

Kolbe offers an array of window and door collections, along with nearly limitless custom options, that provide architects and homeowners the freedom to create and execute truly unique designs.  Whether you need to match the timeless style of a historical building, meet strict local energy codes or dramatically extend living spaces into the outdoors, Kolbe windows and doors are customized to fit your needs.

See how Kolbe filled this home with windows that enhance its classic style and embrace the beautiful lakefront views.

Product Lines and Options

  •  VistaLuxe Collection

Developed with architects for contemporary projects, VistaLuxe windows & doors offer clean lines and large expanses of glass. An extruded aluminum exterior provides low-maintenance durability, while a wood interior proves that modern design can be warm and organic. The VistaLuxe Collection offers consistent profiles from operating & stationary windows to doors, precise vertical and horizontal alignment both indoors & out, glass that aligns across different products, and a narrower frame that allows more viewing area.


  •  Heritage Series

Kolbe’s Heritage Series wood windows and doors feature traditional wood interiors and exteriors, and are aesthetically appealing and historically accurate for renovation and remodeling projects. The standard interior is natural ponderosa pine, with other wood species available upon request. The exterior is finished with a latex primer, ready for your choice of top coat. Our Heritage Series wood products may alternatively be coated on the exterior with K-Kron II, a high performance finish that offers a way to enhance and preserve the look of wood windows and doors.


    • Ultra Series

Kolbe’s Ultra Series wood windows and doors are finished with extruded aluminum cladding to create a look that has both classic style and modern durability. Ultra Series products create an ideal intersection of function and beauty, which makes them our most popular windows and doors. The standard interiors of our Ultra Series windows and doors are made of natural ponderosa pine, and several other wood species are available upon request. The high quality exterior cladding recreates the profile of wood windows and resists chalking and fading over time, which makes them low-maintenance and durable.

Ultra Series windows and doors provide the ultimate array of customizable options to perfectly match the aesthetics and functionality you require for your home.


  • Specialty Products: 
    Within various product lines Kolbe offers a number of unique windows and doors and custom design options. Terra Span lift & slide as well as bi-folding doors are available with various finish and hardware options.  Fiberglass and craftsman style entrance doors with many standard and custom options.  Tilt & turn, Sterling Double Hung, push out casement and folding windows provide beautiful and unique options.  Kolbe offers a full line of window and door types; give us a call for more information.


  • Double Hung Replacement 
    Do you have aging traditional wood double hungs?  Updating your project with new, energy-efficient wood windows that have the convenience of tilt-in sash is easy with our Double Hung Replacement Sash Kits. There are no worries about tearing into walls or ruining specialty mouldings that add character and charm, because sash are made to fit into your existing window frames.  We’ve done replacements in Salinas, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel and many other areas with older traditional homes.  Let us preserve the beauty of your home.


For More Finishes, Hardware and Design Options- Kolbe Window and Door Options

Available Standard Exterior Colors For 70% PVDF fluoropolymer (Ultra Series) and K-Kron II High Performance Finish (Heritage Series)
Exterior color options

Anodized Finishes
Anodized Finishes

Wood Species
Wood Species







There are many color, hardware and design options available from Kolbe. Please visit our showroom or Contact Us for more information.